Sweater Weather!

Its too cold for you!

At all times, We Keep You Warm!

Jamablanket is the new durable blanket that keeps you warm no matter what!
*The snuggie keeps you comfy, but the Jamablanket keeps you warm and comfy.
*The snuggie comes in a few colors, but the Jamablanket has every color and design you want.
The Jamablanket is an eletric blanket that has no cord and the zipper for the bodysuit has a soft furry cover so you don't even know it's there.

There's so many patterns to choose from!

We Are Gurranteed You Will Love The JAMABLANKET.

The jamablanket comes in all colors and sizes and are soft fleece fabric will keep you warm when your cold.All you need is 2x double A batteries.It's only $18.95.