Republica Oriental del Uruguay,


The capital of Uruguay is Montevideo and is the largest city in Uruguay.The population of Uruguay is 3,332,972 and the growth rate is 26%.The area is 68,039square miles.The biome of Uruguay is grassland .The typical wildlife is Armadillos,Anteaters,Whales(Southern White Whale,Striped Dolphin,Sei Whale),Margay ,Cougar,Jaguar,Giant Otter,and Wed Dell seal .Some of the tourist destinations are Mano de Punta del Este,Rio negro ,Montevideo Metropolitan cathedral .The type of government of Uruguay is Constitutional republic .The type of money that Uruguay uses is uruguayan pesos.Some facts about Uruguay are favorite drink in uruguay is a herbal tea .The country is named after the Uruguay river .“Chivito” is the favorite food Uruguay,which consist thin slice of filet mignon (churrasco beef), with mayonnaise, black or green olives, mozzarella, tomatoes and commonly also bacon, fried or hard boiled eggs and ham.The word for Uruguayan cowboys in Spanish is Gauchos. The official name of Uruguay is 'The Oriental Republic of Uruguay'.

fun facts

  • Uruguay has a World Trade Center and is sometimes called "The Switzerland of the Americas" due to it's solid economy and clever banking structure
  • The highest building in Uruguay is called Palacio Salvo and can get a free ride up to the top to see many amazing buildings
  • To go shopping ,you should go to the markets of Mercado del Puerto ,that is home of some amazing street food and restaurants
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