Alzheimer Disease

Human Hereditary Project By: Elise Toland

Name of genetic disorder. What other names are there for this disorder?

Alzheimer's Disease is a very common disease. If you were to search Alzheimer disease in the thesaurus the following words will appear, mental disorder, madness, deterioration, mental decay, and many more. Alzheimer's disease is also known as Dementia
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What causes this disorder?

Scientists aren't really sure what causes Alzheimer. What they do know is that it''s a mutation so the effects will different form person to person. That means that each person who suffers with Alzheimer has a different case and reacts and responds differently.

5.4 million Americans have Alzheimer's

What gene or chromosome is affect by this disorder? Can anyone get Alzheimer's?

The most common gene that is associated with Alzheimer disease is apolipoprotien E or APOE. Yes anyone can get Alzheimer's even staring in there 30's however, most people are around 65 when diagnosed.

50% of people with Alzheimer's are over 65 years old

Are there tests for this disorder? What are the symptoms?

There isn't a single test for Alzheimer's diseases but there is an assessment that goes through all possible causes.

Here are 10 early symptoms of Alzheimer's

  • Memory loss the disturbs everyday life.
  • Challenges in problem solving
  • Difficulty completing familiar house tasks.
  • Confusion with place and time
  • Trouble understanding images and relationships
  • Problems with speaking and writing
  • Misplacing and losing the ability to retrace steps
  • Poor judgment
  • Withdraw from social activities or work
  • Changes in personalty and mood.

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How is Alzheimer inherited? What will happen to the children affected?

To inherit the Alzheimer disease is still uncertain to most scientists. But people who inherit a copy of APOE e4 allele have am increased change of getting the disease. If you have two copies of the alleles are at a big risk. It's not dominant or by sex but it can be recessive. Children don't get affected by Alzheimer's. When you get older you will need assisted living but kids aren't affected.

Are there any treatments or cures? What about children?

Sadly there are no cure for the Alzheimer disease. And unfortunate it can't be prevented. If you do get you will have assisted living. Its hard for patients to live on there own because of there memory loss. You can have children but it will be difficult so patients shouldn't. My grandma has Alzheimer and my mom and I haven't had problems yet.

Current research values. New treatments.

$350 million have gone into the research. There are no upcoming cures because you can only look at the brain in autopsy. Researchers continue to look for a cure though.

Any other information.

The reason I choose this disease is my grandmother has Alzheimer. She started showing symptoms when I was around 7. Now she is in a nursing home in Jacksonville and has been there for almost a year. It's hard for my family and I to adjust to her being gone because she has no memory of us. Hopefully she doesn't have to suffer any longer and I know she'll go to a better place. With researchers help we can hopeful come with a cure so no more people and families have to suffer like ours.

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