The Wickless Sparklers

Weekly Update - July 29th, 2013

Star Director's Corner

Only a couple days left. Communicate with you teams. Get ready for Transition month next month and most importantly....GET THOSE ORDERS IN EARLY!!!!

Are you calling all those potentials getting ready for next month? August was the month that I joined and really set the momentum for me. Set it for people you know could use this opportunity!!!! GO GO GO! Let it be our biggest recruiting month yet!! Are you ready?

Some Weekly Reminders: Don't forget, we have our team call every week on Tuesdays at 9pm. Please remember to check the news area of the workstation every day to stay up to date on current happenings.

Be sure to join us on THE WICKLESS SPARKLERS Facebook page for tons of updates, ideas and support.

Stay tuned for amazing things coming to this team!! I can't wait to see how many Sparklers will be in Greece or the Bahamas or St. Louis in 2014 !! Will it be you??? HOOT HOOT!!

Have a great week everyone and I love you,




Top Sparkler: Penny Fejes $838

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Look at Penny and Loretta!! Less than $1 separate them!!! Who will be JULY #1?

Welcome to Our Newest Official Sparklers

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Jessica West

Jessica was recruited by Christin Boyd. Jessica is from Boca Raton, FL. We are super excited to have you!!

Amy Brown

Amy is from Goodview, Virginia. Amy was recruited by Jill McCarthy!! We are sooo excited to have you Amy.

Tina Patrick

Tina is from Enterprise, AL. Tina was recruited by Jill McCarthy!! Wooo Hoooo Welcome

About your Mentor

My name is Jill McCarthy and I am currently a Star Director with Scentsy. I work full time as a Social Media Strategist and Compliance Director but absolutely love Direct Sales. I started this business because I love the story, the product and inspiring women. Originally I was looking for something for me during a very low point in my life but now it has turned into so much more. I have been in various Direct Sales companies for over 12 years but after years of lessons learned, I know I am right where I am suppose to be.

Contact me whenever you need me at any of the contact spots below. Remember, we also have one on one coaching calls available. I have the link listed in the about section of our team facebook page. Don't hesitate to set up a time that works for you and get all the support you need.