The Change

The reformation was when people started questioning The Churchs' power and authority, because of the corruption in The Church. Such as selling indulgences which was buying forgiveness from god. This movement resulted in the creation of many different religions.

Important People

Martin luther was one of the first people to test the beliefs of the catholic church. He said that you only need faith and good deeds to go to heaven. He created the religion protestantism. John calvin believed in Martin Luther's religion, but he felt differently about how u get into heaven. He believed in predestination which was the belief that whoever gets into heaven is already predetermined. He created a new denomination of protestantism called calvinism. Ignatious Loyola created devotionals and gained many followers. The Pope created a group called the Jesuits. They founded schools, converted non christians to catholocism, and stop the spread of protestantism.

Impact at the Time

At the time the reformation movement was the only thing that challenged The Churchs' authority, power, beliefs, and actions. The reformation resulted in new religions, and a lot of executions due to people questioning and rebelling against the church. The printing press also contributed because of the production of the bible in vernacular. so people started stepping way from the church.
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Change Evidenced In Modern Society

The reformation contributed to the growth of modern secular and centralized state. Also contributed to the growth of political liberty. For example, the U.S.A. It helped promote spiritual equality, and equality in other aspects of equality.