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WEEK OF september 21, 2015

Dear FSA Students, Faculty and Parents,

I am pleased to inform you that our Character Education/College Mentorship Program classes will begin tomorrow, September 22nd.

The students have been assigned a teacher mentor. Together they will meet every Tuesday and Thursday morning from 8:00 to 8:30am.

The mentors will utilize Second Step character education curriculum in working with their mentees. This curriculum varies a bit with each grade, but focuses on empathy, communication, bullying prevention, emotion management and problem solving.

For more information on the curriculum, please click here: http://www.cfchildren.org/second-step/research/character-education

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Along with the character education, this class will also focus on college mentorship. The students will create goals for themselves and work toward meeting them throughout the school year, there will be an on-line portfolio and based on the students’ needs, various life skills will be focused on in the class.

This year we are requiring students to complete volunteer hours. Grades 4 through 6 will complete at least six hours per semester and grades 7 and 8 will complete at least 10 hours per semester.

A grade will be given for this class for 1st through 8th grade. A break down of the grade is as follows:

1st – 3rd Grade

Class Discussion Participation – 20%

Projects – 40%

Classwork – 40%

4th - 8th Grade

Volunteer Hours – 20%

Grades 4-6: 6 hours/semester

Grades 7-8: 10 hours/semester

Class Discussion Participation – 10%

Book Summary – 20%

CMP Portfolio – 15%

Projects – 20%

Classwork – 15%

There will be a slight change to the bell schedule as you can see below.

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"The discipline you learn and character you build from setting and achieving a goal can be more valuable than the achievement of the goal itself." - Bo Bennett

Rivers Alive Community Outreach Opportunity

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Join with other FSA families to volunteer at the annual River's Alive Clean-Up Event at Riverside Park in Roswell onSaturday, September 26th from 8:30-11:30
This is Tamara Stevens, the PVO Hospitality V.P.
This is my cell #678-339-9993
& email justgyms@att.net

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. Last year participants, including children, received a Rivers Alive t-shirt so I need to try and get an accurate of volunteers with t-shirt sizes. You may either respond to this text or email me.
Details about this program can be found here

Our group has been registered for litter pickup. Safety reflector vests, gloves and bags are provided. On the link above, you may want to download and fill out the waiver for each volunteer in your family, however, don't stress about it if you forget, they will have them onsite that morning!

Thanks for offering to participate in this community outreach event and representing FSA in such a positive way!

Living With Intensity: Understanding the the Gifted Child – Webinar with Dr. Susan Daniels

We have been informed about this very helpful webinar by one of our wonderful parents, Dr. Laura Rencher. Please see it here:

Monday, September 28, 2015, 4:30 PM – 5:30 PM (Pacific Time).

In this webinar, Dr. Susan Daniels will explore the overexcitabilities and complex nature of the gifted child. Overexcitabiities (OEs) – psychomotor, sensual, intellectual, imaginational, and emotional – are central to the personality, intellectual, physical, and social-emotional development of the gifted. Overexcitabilities confer certain advantages for gifted development and at the same time render the gifted vulnerable to being misunderstood, and potentially, misidentified. We will address the advantages and the challenges associated with overexcitability along with strategies for helping gifted children modulate their OEs and channel these energies most positively.​

Dr. Susan Daniels is co-founder and Educational Director of Summit Center as well as Professor of Educational Psychology and Counseling at California State University – San Bernardino. Dr. Daniels is an internationally recognized expert in the field of gifted education and co-author of “Living with Intensity” (Great Potential Press, 2008).

$40 for unlimited viewing via your browser. If you are unable to join a webinar live, you can register now and view the recorded webinar later. Take $10 if you register for more than one webinar with discount code “multi.” Click to register for “Living with Intensity”.

NOTE: Webinar registration does not currently work on the Safari browser. Please use Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, or Opera to register.


September 21 thru September 25 - Campaign week for student council candidates, this can include posters, discussions, and handouts in homeroom. (no candy)

September 22 - 1st Day of FSA College Mentorship / Character Education Program

September 23 - Written campaign speeches must be turned in to homeroom teachers for their approval.

September 24, 7:45 to 9am PVO Meet and Greet event in media center

September 25, Spirit Day

September 26, 8:30 to 11:30 - River's Alive - See more info on this issue of the school newsletter.

September 26 - Anime Weekend Atlanta Field Trip

September 28 (Monday) - Students will give their speeches in homeroom. Homeroom students will vote by secret ballot. Ballots will be collected and counted by homeroom teachers. Counted ballots and results should be handed in to administration clearly labeled. The validation of voting procedures and the announcement of the final Student Council representatives will be the same day.

September 28 - Living With Intensity: Understanding the the Gifted Child – Webinar with Dr. Susan Daniels

PVO Meet and Greet - Thursday, September 24

Join us for coffee and donuts and meet some of our FSAPS parents immediately following carpool drop on Thursday morning between 7:45am and 9:00am. This is a great time for "new to FSAPS parents" to get their questions answered by some of our veteran parents!


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Experience and research from all over the United States shows that the interaction with the student’s family at their home is a very effective way to help student’s academic and behavioral progress.

Here is a recent feedback:

Thank You for a Lovely Home Visit

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for spending your Sunday afternoon with us and visiting my daughter here at our home. It meant so much to her, and to our entire family, to have you visit. As we said during our time together, we have utmost appreciation and respect for all that you do for our children. My daughter's transition into the new school has been wonderful, and we can't thank you enough for making such a positive impact on her life, and ours as well.

How can you schedule a home visit?

Very simple. Please send an e-mail to our home visit coordinator, Mrs. Unal at junal@fultonscienceacademy.org and give us three available dates for your child's home visit program. We will get back to you and confirm a date. Depending on our teacher’s availability, at least two teachers will be together to visit our students and parents at their homes.

For any questions you have about this program, send an e-mail to junal@fultonscienceacademy.org. The best times to schedule a home visit are weekdays after 5:00 pm, and anytime during the weekends except Sunday mornings.

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WT Cafe

WTCafe is proud to be the Fulton Science Academy lunch provider!

Wholesome Tummies is a locally owned franchise, providing only the highest quality, freshest lunches.

Our foods are all - natural and never contain any high fructose corn syrup, unnatural trans fats, artificial colors, flavors or added nitrates. The menu is also 100% "nut-free" with offering of gluten-free and vegetarian items.

You can order your all-natural entrees directly from our website at www.WTCAFE.com. Order 36 hours before the meal to get all of the menu options or as late as 8am the same morning for a vegetarian pasta! Entrees are pre-ordered and delivered to school daily in time for lunch. Students can choose 2 sides on site from a variety of fresh, in-season fruits, salads and veggies and a selection of healthy, all-natural snacks.

Pre-K is so much fun!

In Pre-K this week, our math focus as been sorting by one and two characteristics. We read the book, Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons. Then, individually we sorting our own groovy buttons first by one attribute, then by two.

The First Kindergarten Parent Readers of this School Year!

We thank our FSA parents for volunteering to read for our students. Our students love having you in their classes.

Johnny Appleseed Day coming on Friday

Pre-K, Kindergarten and First grade all getting ready for the exciting activities planned!

Look out for next week's update :)

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Ms. SelstAd's Scientists - Will the black paper get hot?

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Dr. Erkan's 5th grade math

We had a math-tastic week in 5th grade math class. Students worked in groups to explore the perimeter and the area of rectangle and square by using their Geoboards and rubber bands. They recorded their findings and compared the areas of different rectangles with the same perimeter. They concluded that as the difference between the length and the width decreases, the area gets bigger.

Towards the end of the week, we learned about Tessellations. Students created their very own Tessellations.


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6th-8th Art Club

Wednesdays are Art Club Day! If you don't get enough art during class, join us for art club! When they attend, students work independently on projects of their choice - this is a great time to get feedback & assistance with challenging projects and/or learn a new technique!

7th & 8th graders: Are you interested in sculpting? Is the one sculpture project we will do in class just not enough for you? Ask Mrs. Millar about the possibility of weekend sculpture classes at Mudfire Studios!

Art Class

Dear Families,

We will again be participating in the Square1Art fundraiser. Your talented students are working hard to create some beautiful artwork. Each student will receive a free page of stickers displaying their artwork.

If you like what you see on the stickers, you will have the option of purchasing other products with your student's artwork on it. More information will be sent home soon, but you are welcome to shop now for gift ideas! www.square1art.com/shop

Soccer Club Update

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In the previous week, the elementary, third through fifth grade, soccer club has been working on overhand throws and team camaraderie. The students have been working on different types of overhand throws in class, so I wanted the skill to carry over into the club. I want the students to have a firm grasps on how to throw a ball into the game in soccer. The ball goes out of play when it crosses either the goal line or one of the touch lines. When the ball crosses over the touch line by a member of the possessing team, the opposing team is awarded a throw in. The ball must be held by both hands and released by both hands simultaneously with both feet fixed on the ground.

The students have been scrimmaging against each other in order to build knowledge of peer personalities on the field. The more the students play with and against each other, the more they will learn about how each teammate plays. This strategy is designed to build team bonding and knowledge for future teams to be established by Fulton Science Academy. Once an organized team is established, the students will be prepared to face other school teams having a background in not only how the game is organized and played, but also in how their teammates react on the field.

SAT Verbal Club

SAT Verbal Club continues to work on common errors in writing that also appear on the SAT. Last week, students competed in teams to see who could identify the error in the sentence the quickest and who could explain why the usage was wrong. This week students reviewed Pronoun-Antecedent Agreement and Reference Errors. Whether competing or studying, this group adds energy and eagerness into everything they do.



The sisters are practicing the “Pumpkin Boogie” duet in preparation for the pumpkin season, a favorite time of year for many. This piece is from the boogie-woogie style of playing that rose out of the blues, is upbeat and meant for dancing. A piano duet is a piece for four hands on one piano, or for two pianists, each at their own piano. A duet requires the musician to concentrate on their own part while hearing the part of their fellow musician. It takes a good sense of rhythm because, if the piece is not played correctly by one pianist, it can throw off the entire piece rhythmically.

The girls are having fun working on it! The piece is far ahead of where they are in their piano lessons, but they both wanted to learn how to play it! They’re doing a terrific job.

For more information regarding the Private Music Lesson Program at Fulton Science Academy, please contact Melinda Hubbell at mhubbell@fultonscienceacademy.org or (770) 402-2907.

Clinic Request

We have a limited supply of "emergency" clothing in the front office. If your child is lent such clothing we ask that you launder and return :) Thank you.

STUDENT Dress Code reminder

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Students are required to follow the school dress code both on uniformed and dress down days. For e.g shorts must pass the middle finger tip, and tops must be sleeved.

Violators will be asked to wear old uniforms from the clinic and to call home for more appropriate clothing.

If in doubt please check the Student-Parent Handbook.


There are students currently enrolled with life threatening nut allergies. While it would be wonderful to make the school entirely nut free, it would be difficult to ensure a 100% nut free environment. However, as a team we can help our students by reducing nuts in school lunches and in snacks whenever possible. We thank and appreciate all student and parental help with this.

A nut free table has been designated in the cafeteria for student use during lunch.


In the interest of all students safety you are respectfully reminded to complete a medical dispensation form for all medicines to be administered at school, including over the counter products such as Tylenol, Advil etc. All medicines need to be kept locked in the clinic area unless it is considered imperative that a student always has immediate access to a rescue device, such as an inhaler or epi pen (the medical dispensation form associated with a rescue device must also be on file in the clinic area).

Please email rcondon@fultonscienceacademy.org if you would like a form sent home with your child. Please note all prescribed medicine forms do need to be signed by a physician.


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Parents are welcome to bring treats to celebrate their child's birthday. Treats can be brought in during the lunch period time only and there must be enough for the whole class. Due to allergies all treats must be store bought with the list of ingredients attached to the packaging, they must be nut free, and if possible kosher. (Publix will make pre-ordered cupcakes kosher). There is a comprehensive description in the parent handbook.

Early Dismissal Procedure change

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Due to the increased size of the student body, there will no longer be early dismissal available between 3:00 and 3:30. If you need your children early, please plan of picking them up prior to 3:00 pm so that we can protect instructional time for our students. Thank you for your cooperation on this important matter.

3:45- 4:20 is club time, during this period teachers and students are focused on their activity and are unlikely to check for dismissal car pool numbers, so to avoid waiting longer than anticipated please consider taking them during first dismissal to avoid disruption.

2015-2016 Yearbook

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The students on the Yearbook Staff have already begun working on creating this year's book, and it is going to be FABULOUS! You're going to want one, so why not order now? :)

TreeRing offers one discount every year to the EARLY BIRDS! Order your yearbook BEFORE September 30th and get 15% off!

How do you order a yearbook?

If you missed the flyers given out during Orientation and Curriculum Night, please find them attached below! They will walk you through creating your account on TreeRing.com, linking your account with FSAPS and creating your own custom pages.

Yes! That's right! EVERY STUDENT has the option to have their very own custom pages printed in their yearbook at NO ADDITIONAL COST!

Simply log in to TreeRing.com, click on the custom pages and start editing and adding photos to your heart's content! Every student can be the star of their yearbook! When you're done, don't forget to click the PRINT READY button in the top right corner!

Not planning to purchase a yearbook this year? You and your student should still create an account, so you can view, share, and send pictures with others at FSA! TreeRing is like a social media page just for FSAPS! Students can sign their friend's virtual yearbooks, send bling and memories, share pictures and more!


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Being successful at school starts with arriving on time to school. Research all over the world shows that students who arrive school late are disadvantaged against other students in the school. This does not only reduce their chances of success but also disrupts their classmates as they interrupt the class at the beginning of school day. Therefore, let’s do our best to arrive school on time. This is vital for the success of all of our students.


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Please check this website for detailed information and registration to FSA Band and Orchestra Program:


Since we have after school clubs till 4:20pm, the band and orchestra will start at 4:30pm to avoid possible conflicts with academic teams and club studies. Please check actual days and times on the website - http://www.dolceensemble.com


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We have created a Remind account to keep our community informed and up-to-date with what is happening at our school.

By joining FSAPS remind, you will be receiving messages via push notifications, SMS, or e-mail. We recommend SMS option for our families and students.

We will use this tool as an addition to other communication tools we use at our school.

If interested, please click here to follow the instructions.

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