Polar Bear

An Endangred Species Research

Food Chain


top of food chain

Food Source:

Their diet includes rodents, berries, seals, and walrus.

Location of food:

Water, Sea Ice, or a Seal's Breath Hole (Na. Geo.)

Prey On:

Walrus and Seals (Kid.Bio. and WIKI)


-Hunt by humans as sport or food

-Hunt by the Inuit, Yupik, Chukchi, Nenets, and Russian Romors



Lives in:

-Alaska, Canada, Russia, Greenland, and Norway (SW)


-Arctic Circle (WIKI)


-Polar (WIKI)


-Temporary snow or earthen pits, den, or natural shelter

-During cold weather, they curl up in muzzle area

-Female polar bear den when giving birth


Fun Fact: When lacking hunting opportunities, a polar bear may spent up to 87% of its time sleeping!



Mammal (WIKI)

Body Covering:

Fur (to isolate them from the cold) (Kid.Bio. and Na.Geo.)

Size: (SW)


Height: 8-10 feet tall

Weight: 770-1500 lb.


Height: 7-8 feet tall

Weight: 350-550 lb.


Growl (Na.Geo.)

Unusual Characteristic:

Polar bears are not territorial but are very aggressive when it comes to mating (WIKI)

Fun Fact: Pregnant Sow, or female polar bears, can weigh up to 1,100 lb.!



Have thick fur to protect them from the cold climate and icy water (Na.Geo.)


-Poor eye sight, good sense of smell, sharp teeth and claws

-Flat, wide paws and powerful legs for swimming and walking on ice


Behaviors While Hunting:

-Following its prey

-Wait at a seal's breath hole

-Attack on Sea Ice

(Kid.Bio., Na.Geo., and WIKI)


-Walking Speed: 3.4 mph

-Running Speed: 25 mph

-Does not hibernate

(Kid.Bio., Na.Geo., and WIKI)

Fun Fact: Polar bears can run up to 40 mph!

Reasons for Endangerment

Oil Spills (WIKI)

-After swimming, polar bears lick the oil on their fur, leading to kidney failure

-With oil on their fur, they are not able to isolate themselves from the cold and being at risk of dying of hypothermia

Global Warming (WIKI)

-Global Warming affects sea ice leads and made polar bear and to swim farther for food source and sows sometimes have to abandon their dens

Critical Information

Marine Mammal Protection Act

-Harassing, Injuring, or Killing polar bear is forbidden (WIKI)

1973 International Agreement on the Conservation of Polar Bears

-Signed by U.S.A., Canada, Russia Federation, Denmark, and Norway (WIKI)

Please Help Them!

Polar bears are strong, powerful creatures struggling to survive because of the pollution caused by humans. Polar bear have become more than a kind of endangered specie; they had become an icon of global warming. They represent what the human pollution had done to all the poor, innocent creatures and the earth itself. Polar bears are one of the most effected victims of global warming. Please take this chance to help polar bears and end the problem once and for all.

Help Save a Polar Bear

You Can Help By...

-reducing carbon pollution

-reducing oil and garbage

-eat less meat from animals that produces a lot of methane

If you are interested in donating, please visit....



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Polar bears and dogs playing