FOR SALE: Air Conditioner

Control the climate of your home or work space!

Avoid the Discomfort of the Summer

No longer will you have to struggle with the heat of Summer! Thanks to John Gorrie, A Florida physician, with his latest modern invention, the Air Conditioner, you can now control the climate of your home or work space by setting the temperature at a level that is comfortable for you.

Picture: Air Conditioner by Paul Robinson under the creative commons attribution Share-Alike license.

The invention of the Air Conditioner has greatly impacted the productivity of Theaters and Restaurants by creating a cool, comfortable atmosphere for people to go to get away from the uncomfortable heat.

Picture: Sayville movie theater by DanTD under the creative commons attribution Share-Alike license

The minimum cost of such a system for a fair-sized playhouse is $35,000, If there is a great deal of reconstruction necessary, the bill may amount to $100,000.

The Future for the Air Conditioner

This modern invention will change the production world in the future. With cooler, more comfortable working climates, the amount of productions for companies, and the amount of income for playhouses and restaurants will increase and be more efficient.