I Pod

By: Jefferey Dam

What is it?

The I-pod is a device we use to listen to music and listen to music. What it actually is a piece of metal and plastic like all other gadgets. But what metal is actually used to make the famous I pod? Well if your wondering, then this document will tell you
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Metals and Metalliods

While their may not be any raw metals used to make the i pods, metals were used to make the materials. For example, an I pod is made up of stainless steel, and glass. Stainless steel is made up of iron and carbon, along with magnesium, chromium, nitrogen, and many others. The glass is made up of silicon, potassium, calcium, and some other elements.
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What Are they used for?

For the stainless steel, its used for the outer sides of the i pod. It hides all the chips, and batteries in the i pod. The glass is for the screen. The screen that is used on all apple devices is glass. Those two main components are what makes the i pod outer beauty.

Where to find the elements

Iron can be found in the Earth's crust

Iron is a solid that is ductile when heated

conducts heat and electricity

very shiny and white

Carbon can be found in methane gas, oil or coal

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