Copper Supplement

Copper, its significance in the development of human body

What role does copper play in growth and development?

Copper is one of the many essential minerals that your body needs to function properly. Your body cannot manufacture copper and therefore you need to depend on external sources to receive copper. Mainly copper goes to your body from the daily diet that you consume. Copper along with iron helps the proper functioning of your body. Actually, copper is the third most essential mineral that your body needs and you get copper even by consuming drinking water. Your brain needs copper for proper functioning, but excess amount will have adverse effects.

Copper also helps to maintain the skeletal and cardiovascular system in your body. Another significant role of this mineral is that it helps to fight arthritis. Also, copper helps to heal your wounds quickly.It assists in the growth of blood vessels and prevents wrinkled skin. Your heart functions properly and many enzymes are produced that help in various biological actions in your body. Apart from all these, there are many other benefits of copper in the human body and therefore it plays a vital role for the growth and nourishment of your body.

Copper Imbalance and Toxicity:

Excess copper is the cause of many new diseases. High copper level also increases the heart attack risk. Firstly, copper is sometimes added to Municipal Water supplies. People use these to kill fungus. Secondly, excess copper is used in cheap multi vitamins, including those vitamins prescribed by doctors. Thirdly, inhalation of cigarette smoke can increase copper levels. Fourthly, copper is used in many hormones and pills. Finally, food is the chief source of copper. A vegetarian diet will expose a person to a high copper level. Foods like chocolates, grapes, almonds, nuts, legumes, mushrooms, crabs, etc. are very rich in copper content. Symptoms of excess copper can be like depression, sleepiness and loss of energy.

For treating this copper toxicity, try to be a non-vegetarian. Also do some gentle exercises and reduce intake of food rich in copper. Foods containing zinc should be encouraged to consume.

Treatment of Copper deficiency:

Usually you get the required amount of copper from the daily food you eat. But if there is lack of sufficient copper in your body, then you are always encouraged to take copper supplement. But be always careful to take these, as high dosage may lead to side effects like indigestion. Your doctor is the best person to prescribe what exactly is needed for you.