3 - 5 Years

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3 - 5 YEARS

The Kingwood Montessori Early-Childhood (Pre-School) program is based upon a profound respect for the child's personality. The child works following his or her own interests and is allowed a large measure of independence which forms the basis of self-discipline. As each child progresses and successfully completes the self-correcting manipulative exercises, he or she develops confidence in his or her innate abilities. Sensorial exercises assist the child with the ability to discriminate, refine, and sharpen their senses, as well as for accurate judgments on perceptual experiences (color, density, size, shape, sound, texture, weight, etc.). The practical life exercises help the child to master daily life activities while refining motor control.

What are your top priorities?

  • Highly trained teachers?
  • Low student / teacher ratio?
  • Increased independence?
  • Safe, nurturing environment?
  • Multiage classrooms?
  • Child-Centered Education?
  • Hands-on learning?
  • Pratical Life Skills?
  • Social skills?
  • Reading and Math preparation?
  • Kindergarten readiness?
  • Environmental education?


5 Half or Full-Days

Half-Day - 8:20 am - 12:00 pm

Full-Day - 8:20 am - 3:00 pm

* Please enroll early; we plan for 65% of our children to be enrolled in the 5 Full-Day Program. Generally, after September each year, all of the part-time spots have been taken.

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