The Great Depression

Brandon Barraza


1. The great depression was the greatest economic downfall in the United States.

2. The great depression lasted ten years from1929-1939.

3. Franklin D. Roosevelt created the " New Deals".

4. The new deal was created in order to restore the United States from the great depression.

5. President Franklin D. Roosevelt also led the United States through World War 2.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt

President Franklin D. Roosevelt was the 32nd president of the United States. President Roosevelt was the president of the United States for 4 terms and re-elected 3 times. President Roosevelt was in the white house while the United States was going through their worst economic down-fall or "The Great Depression". To help the country through the great depression, president Roosevelt came up with the "The New Deal". The new deals helped the United States while it was going through the great depression. Fanklin D. Roosevelt led the United States through the great depression and World War 2. Overall, President Franklin D. Roosevelt was a great and very brave president.