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March 28 - Week 33

Upcoming Events


  • 3/30 - CSI - Building
  • 3/31 - End of 3rd Quarter
  • 3/31 - Paint Night - 6 to 7PM
  • 4/1 - Midfest Tour Day
  • 4/1 - Midfest Performance at KP for 7th and 8th graders during period 2
  • 4/2 - WH What's Cookin 2016 - 5:30PM
  • 4/4 - Grades in PowerSchool by 8:00AM
  • 4/4 - Author visit - Garnet Team
  • 4/4 - PTO Mtg - 7 to 8pm
  • 4/5 - Check Sheets by 12PM
  • 4/6 - Report Cards Distributed by Advisor
  • 4/6 - CSI - Collaborative Inquiry
  • 4/6 - Midfest Performance at Bushell - 7:30PM
  • 4/7 - 8th grade author skype during LL
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March 30 CSI

REMEMBER - It is mandatory that you sign out on the board in the office if you are leaving the building. This is is protocol AND it is a safety measure should an emergency occur while you are gone. Thank You.

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Welcome new members to the KP Staff

You're a GEM

  • Lauren Reynolds from colleague Liz Anderson for identifying a student's needs and being able to provide him with the extra scaffolding to support him.
  • Courtney Baron from colleague Sarah Chouinard for filling in for me at the Math Counts state competition! Thank you.

Passing of the Rocks

Joe Ganci is passing the Community Engagement Rock to Karen Walsh who helps make sure that we dot our "i's" and cross our "t's". And for her ability to juggle so much of the paperwork that is, in fact, more than the words on those papers, but rather, the intricacies of bureaucracy that make much of what we do run smoothly, which then allows us to continue to be successful in our own jobs: Teaching children

Tom Tallard is passing the Staff Wellness Rock to Mike Flaherty. From early on I was impressed by Mike's sincere concern for people in need, especially young people. Moreover, Mike is always ready to act on this concern and get involved to a degree few people would offer. Mike has a genuine humanitarian nature and an enthusiasm for helping people and improving their lives. In addition, I always found Mike to be fair, forthright and honest. Being a teacher, Mike is very consistent with with his character. Mike's commitment to improving their lives, his personable nature, and unflagging enthusiasm, I find Mike to be a fine candidate for the Wellness Rock. Peace.

Margie Scobbo is passing the Student Success Rock on to Carol Chase. In the 4 weeks that Carol has joined the Diamond Team, she has made a positive impact on her students. Our students are benefiting from her exceptional teaching, her expertise in Math, her high energy, and her commitment to making sure that each and every student becomes fluent with numbers. This is how students describe Mrs. Chase:

“She teaches us a lot of ways to solve the same problem.”

“She teaches us thoroughly and makes sure we understand the concepts.”

“She nice, funny and definitely smart.”

We are so lucky to have Carol here at KP. She is truly committed to student success!

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Heads Up

Colleagues, there are several absences among our staff due to illness and professional development. While subs provide coverage in the classroom, they are not always able to provide the type of supervision our students need in the hallways and cafeteria. Any support you can provide in these areas is greatly appreciate.