Washington D.C. Trip 6th Grade

By: Eli Hefner

Washing DC or the District of Columbia is the United states capital. It is the location of our presidents resident, The White house. This year we took a class tour of DC. IT was jammed packed of many exiting places. We went to all the main memorials like Iwo Jima, Washington, Lincoln, Airforce, MLK, etc.

We also got to listen to two interns at the Embassy of Denmark describe life in Denmark. One of the things I thought was coll was that they got paid 700 dollars to go to college. DC is also home of the 15 Smithsonian but because of time restraints we only went to three Natural history, American history, and Air and Space. We then went to a museum dedicated to news around the world and in it there were many pieces of the news like a sniper tower from the Berlin wall.

Empassy of Denmark

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Airforce Memorial

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MLK Memorial