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ICCS Mission Statement:

Strengthening spirits... minds... bodies... Through the teachings of Jesus Christ.


LENTEN PRAYER: With our eyes on Jesus, we journey through Lent trying to understand and accept what God has in store for us. Jesus did this, and he is our example. Even as he died, Jesus gave himself over to whatever God wanted of him. Help us Lord to do your will. Amen.

PRINCIPAL'S CORNER by Christi Jarreau

As we embark upon the Liturgical Season of Lent, our Lenten promises will be the focus of the next forty days and will be a reminder that Lent is a time to change the things in our lives which separate us from Jesus. Some of us will choose to give-up something like sodas or TV, remembering the huge sacrifice Jesus made for our sins each time we abstain from those things. Others may choose to add something to their daily lives that will bring them closer to Jesus, like extra time for prayer, daily Mass, or volunteering in the community. Whatever the case, we know that keeping our resolutions can be difficult and that sometimes we may slip, but it is a good lesson for our students to keep on trying and not to give up. As the old saying goes, “nothing worth having comes easy.” This valuable concept is not often exhibited in today’s world. Fulfilling our Lenten promises, though, can be an intentional way to equip our students with this mindset.

We cannot grow in body, mind, or spirit by giving up on things we cannot do easily. The discomforts of sacrifice, hard work, not being perfect the first time, or having to “try again” can be difficult to experience and it often seems easier to avoid or give up, especially when it comes to holding our children accountable in such lessons. Unfortunately, the effects can be detrimental if a child’s attitude regarding growth, achievement, and success is cultivated in the wrong way. He or she may give up on reading, math, praying, or even virtue because they have to struggle to grow in these areas. Someone who might have become a talented artist might not pursue the craft because he cannot get it right the first time, or someone who might have been a saint might give up the pursuit of holiness because he failed at first.

Do we want our students to have the virtues, as well as the abilities, required for short term, long term, academic, and spiritual success? Next week, we will wrap up the third quarter and begin the final nine weeks. As we enter the “home stretch,” it is important that we hold true to the high expectations and standards of excellence with which our students are familiar, giving them the gift of true growth and success. Though we may be tired, let us continue working together to strive for excellence and be motivated by growth, cultivating within ourselves and our students the desire to grow through our imperfections and not give up.


Living, Conscious and Active Faith

In 1972 the National Conference of Catholic Bishops set forth a unique pastoral message on Catholic education in To Teach as Jesus Did. In this beautiful message written with the fresh lens of the Second Vatican Council, the bishops outline the role of Catholic education in the United States. As simply as it is titled, that is exactly what our call is in education—to teach as Jesus did. As far as the Church is concerned, “education is one of the most important ways by which [it] fulfills its commitment to the dignity of the person and the building of community” (4). All of us as a community of faith are just embarking on our Lenten journey. Let us pause to remember as the Catholic Bishops remind us that in this community of faith “one person’s problem is everyone’s problem and one person’s victory is everyone’s victory. Never before and never since the coming of Jesus Christ has anyone proposed such a community” (7). Over these 40 days let us share in each other as a community of Christ in sorrow and joy, hardship and contentment, failure and success, and turbulence and tranquility. Let us be formed by our experiences as a school community and allow for one’s Christian education to “’make men’s faith become living, conscious, and active, through the light of instruction’” (28).

To Teach as Jesus Did: A pastoral message on Catholic education. Nov. 1972. (1973). United States Catholic Conference.


During the month of March, we will reflect on the beatitude – “Blessed are the peacemakers; for they shall be called the children of God.” Jesus told his disciples that, wherever they went, they were to say: “Peace to this house!” The word of God also calls each one of us to work for peace. Pope Francis reminds us that, “It is hard work; it calls for great openness of mind and heart.” We cannot ignore conflict; instead, we must face conflict head-on, resolve it and make it a link for building peace.


Spring Picture Day is tomorrow, Friday, March 8, 2019

This is a Free Dress Day for students.

Pictures will be ordered through the Family Approval process.

  1. PORTRAIT OPTIONS: Parents are to choose a background option from the form (attached in email) and return it to the homeroom teacher by March 8. If a background is not chosen, a default selection will be used.
  2. PICTURE DAY: Every student will take a picture on Friday, March 8.
  3. PORTRAIT PACKAGE: Following picture day, Lifetouch will send portrait packages with instructions to all students with pricing information. Parents can choose to purchase some or all of the package. PURCHASE NOT REQUIRED.


Important information was sent to your email inbox last week regarding the upcoming 3rd Quarter Report Card meetings set for Friday, March 22. Parents have the opportunity to select a convenient time to meet with your student's teacher. Keeping in mind that this is an opportunity for teachers and parents to simply touch base face-to-face, each meeting has been allotted a short amount of time. Should concerns arise, parents and teachers are encouraged to schedule a formal conference for further discussion at the conclusion of the report card meeting.

We look forward to this opportunity to strengthen our partnership with parents as we continue our mission of strengthening spirits, minds and bodies through the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Report Card Meetings for 3rd Grade:

Parents will meet with their student's homeroom teacher, then have the opportunity to briefly meet with the other 3rd grade teacher, if desired.

Report Card Meetings for 4th-8th Grade:

On Report Card Meeting Day, a station will be set up for fourth grade, fifth grade and middle school report card distribution. All teachers will be included in your sign up email. If you would like to check in with one of your student’s teachers, you may sign up for a report card meeting time using that link.

Report cards not picked up on March 22 will be sent home with the student the following Monday. REMINDER, there will be NO SCHOOL on Friday, March 22.

For more information, please call (337) 433-3497.


Join us next Thursday, March 14, for the ICCS Middle School Drama Production Disney's Alice in Wonderland, Jr.! The school performance will begin at 1:45 p.m. and the evening performance will begin at 6:00 p.m. in the ICCS Gym. All ICCS families and special guests are invited to attend.


NEW THIS YEAR! The ICCS PTO will host a Crawfish Sale Fundraiser on Sunday, May 5, in the Park Avenue parking lot. Tickets will go on sale Monday, April 1. Cost is $25 for 4 lbs. of crawfish, plus two potatoes and one corn. A special "buy 4 tickets, get one free" offer will be available. ICCS families are asked to sell tickets to family members, friends, co-workers and/or neighbors. Designated pick up times and a convenient drive-thru service will be offered on May 5.

It will take many volunteers to help make this PTO fundraiser a big success. PTO points will be awarded to all volunteers. Help is needed in the following areas:

  • Sponsorship Committee
  • Set Up Committee
  • Servers/Serving Helpers
  • Clean Up Committee

For more information, or to sign up to volunteer, please contact Chairman, Debra Wilder, by email at or by phone at (337) 302-1134.


During the week of March 25th, ICCS will be conducting vision and hearing screenings for PK, 1st, 3rd, 5th, and 7th grades. We need your help! There will be two shifts with multiple parent volunteers needed per shift. A sign up form for volunteers will be emailed to parents this week. PTO points will be awarded for time worked. For more information, please contact Melissa Mixon at

If you have a student that is not in one of the grades listed above, but would like to have your child tested, please contact Cassi Grinton at


Congratulations to ICCS 8th grader, Elise Ramcourt! Over the Mardi Gras break, Elise entered the Louisiana School for Math, Science and the Arts writing competition and was named a winner. She earned a scholarship award for the LCMSA summer program. Way to go, Elise!



The ICCS 8th Grade Class of 2019 is selling short sleeve and long sleeve auction-themed t-shirts. The t-shirt order deadline has been extended to tomorrow, Friday, March 8, at 12 noon. An order form is attached to the Panther Press email. Please complete the information and return to school tomorrow. For more information, please contact Cathi Slade at (337) 540-6365.

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Do you like to bake? If so, donations are needed for the ICCS Auction Sweet Shop. For more information, or to donate a gourmet dessert or sweet treat, please contact Sweet Shop Chairman, Colleen Phillips at An array of delicious desserts will be on display and available for purchase at the 2019 PTO Dinner Auction on March 29.
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ICCS recently received a very special donation in memory of our beloved spiritual leader and friend, Deacon Glenn Viau. The donation was made by Deacon Viau's cousins and sister: David & Cyndi Bernard, Jack & JoEllen Woodard, Debbie & Joe Valiente, Warren & Paula Bernard and Mary & Gary Bernard. Not pictured: Pat & Donna Kerber.

The memorial contribution will help expand and develop the newly established Atrium project. The Atrium, a quiet and peace-filled space located near the ICCS Cafeteria, features an array of hands-on learning activities based on the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd. Students visit The Atrium weekly.

We extend our sincere appreciation to Deacon Viau's family for thinking of us and for helping us grow the Atrium program through this heartfelt memorial donation.




Week 9 Cathedral Restoration:

The second open house took place this past weekend. People were excited to see the current work progress inside the church. A few brave souls even climbed the scaffolding to get a closer look! Re-plastering work continues and work continues on the roofs. They're now repairing the back side of the church and the apse wall is one of the last sections needing to be done.

Meanwhile, the Ave Maria Hall (where Masses are currently taking place) is beautifully decorated for Lent!


Friday, March 8:

Spring Pictures (Free Dress Day)

Sunday, March 10

Daylight Savings Time Begins

Spring Forward an hour

Monday, March 11:

New Family Registration

Thursday, March 14:

Middle School Drama Production of:

Disney's Alice in Wonderland Jr.

School Performance: 1:45 PM

Evening Performance: 6:00 PM

Friday, March 15:

End of the 3rd Quarter

Sunday, March 17:

St. Patrick's Day

Wednesday, March 20:

School Board Meeting

5:30 PM Parish Building

Thursday, March 21:

Student Council Leadership Conference

8:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. West Cal Events Center

Friday, March 22:

Report Card Conference Day


Wednesday, March 27:

Kindergarten Retreat

8:00 a.m. Cafeteria

Thursday, March 28:

5th Grade to Magnolia Mound & State Capitol

7:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Friday, March 29:

PTO Dinner Auction

6:00 p.m. ICCS Gym

2018-2019 School Theme

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