A Christmas Carol

By: Amber Beener

Stave 1

The Ghost of Marley: He had chains, He wore a waist coat, and He was selfish & Greedy

Scrooge: He was a cheapskate, He was selfish, and He was greedy.

Scrooges Nephew: He was a cheerful man, A family man, and He is poor

Bob Cratchit: He was poor, he had a large family, and he was kind

Stave 2

The Ghost of Christmas Past was a child figure but had white hair like an old man. It's hair was down its back and the arms were very muscular. Its dress had flowers on it and held a green branch in it's hand.

He took Scrooge to where he was raised and sees his school, where he was inside all by himself. The ghost shows him where he spends christmas all alone. As he grows older his sister comes into his room stating that his dad wants to take him back home. Then he takes him to where his was an apprentice . He then goes to a conversation between him and his soon to be wife. She broke off the engagement. Then takes him to a conversation between her and her new fiance talking about Scrooge.

Stave 3

The second ghost is a big ghost and he is surrounded by food and he has a lifespan of one day and has Scrooge touch his robe which makes them vanish to Bob Cratchit's home where his wife prepare a christmas dinner. He comes in carry little Tiny Tim who is crippled and the family meal is skimpy and the ghost tells him Tim won't live till next christmas. The ghost takes him to his nephews christmas dinner. There they are laughing at Scrooge then make a toast to him. He then takes him to a pair of starving children who have traveled with him beneath his robe. Scrooge wants to help them but the ghost counter acts what he said to the two business men.

Stave 4

The ghost of christmas to come is dark and quit he doesn't really say anything he just points his finger. He lets scrooge figure things out on his own. He kinda looks like the grim reaper.

He takes Scrooge to a London Stock Exchange where a group of men discuss the death of a rich man and they discuss that they're going to steal and sell some of his personal items for money. He then took Scrooge to the Cratchit house hold where they are relieved he died so they didn't owe him any more money. He then takes him to a gravestone with his name on it.

Stave 5

Scrooge finally realizes how cold and harsh he has been all these years and is determined to change so he doesn't have to see ghost again. He helps out the Cratchit family and helps pay for Tiny Tim. He ends up living for a long time. He raises Bob's pay. He even joined his nephew for a christmas dinner. The moral of the story is be nice and friendly and it'll help you out later in life