October 2 - October 8

CMS Parent Outreach Program

CMS Boys Basketball Parent Meeting

Monday, Oct. 3rd, 6pm

915 Yampa Avenue

Craig, CO

Friday “FOCUS Time”

Every Wednesday grade level teams will reviewing tardies, grades and behavior reports that run Wednesday to Wednesday. Based off of the data students will be broken into 3 groups for Friday’s “FOCUS time”

  1. Student Time: for student who have had no behavior incidents, no repetitive tardiness and are passing all their classes. They may choose to join a pre-planned activity or they may choose to have some time to themselves.

  2. Study Hall: for students who are missing assignments, have failing or very low grades in classes or would just like to get schoolwork done.

  3. School Service: for students who have had a behavior referral that week. These students will either participate in an on-grounds community/school service or study hall.

Homecoming Week

This year Homecoming will be the week of October 10th through the 15th.

Students will be dismissed at 12:00p.m. on Friday. Students are encouraged to watch the parade with their families at 1pm. CMS activities and dress up details to follow.

CMS Contact Info

915 Yampa Avenue Craig CO 81625

Email cms.office@moffatsd.org

Phone 970-824-3289

Fax 970-824-5838

Blue Pass Building Rules

  • The office will not call any student to the office until the parent, guardian, or emergency contact is in the office. We do this to ensure every child is receiving the most class time as possible.
  • To take a student out of the building on a blue pass, you must have your ID with you.
  • The only people allowed to take a student on a blue pass are the ones listed on infinite campus. NO EXCEPTIONS
  • If a student goes home ill with out the nurses approval, the absence will be unexcused.

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