PonyBoy/Riley Comparison

By: Riley Davis

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Compare and Contrast

Would you both be in the same clique? Or different cliques?

I think that we might be in the same clique because I don't usually hand out with a big group of people or the "popular" people like the Socs, I have my own group of friends that are the weirdest people ever but they're the best friends that someone could ever have. My group of friends aren't a gang and we don't steal but we're a lot alike, we're all a bit different from average people and we're like one big family.

What characteristics are similar between you both?

We both feel like someone in our family picks favorites or like we're not as special as someone else, like how Pony thinks that Darry likes Soda better. Sometimes I feel like my parents will favorite my older sister or one of my other siblings, so I can relate to how Pony feels. I aslo really love to read, there's just something about curling up with a book that I really love. I'm kind of the nerd in my family like Pony is. Sometimes I don't really use my head when I need to, I don't think a lot fo things through before I do them.

What characteristics are different?

Pony's a boy, I'm a girl. Pony's stronger than I am, he's been through so much throughout his life, he lost his parent when he was really young, he had to see his friend after he got really beat up, he lost two of his friends and yet he's still standing. If I had gone through the stuff that Pony did I think I would've broken down, I wouldn't have been able to keep going like everything was okay.