ELA 7 Exam

Mrs. Parkman

Exam Schedule for my ELA Classes

Tuesday, May 17 - 1st and 2nd Block Exam, Day 1

Wednesday, May 18 - 1st and 2nd Block Exam, Day 2

Thursday, May 19 - 3rd Block Exam, Day 1

Friday, May 20 - 3rd Block Exam, Day 2

**We are required to give parts of our exam on BOTH exam days; therefore, students must be in class for Day 1 and Day 2 to receive full credit on their exams.

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Students will choose one of the following prompts:

  • Write a persuasive speech in which you argue that either the book or the movie does a better job of presenting Jonas's story. You must pull evidence from both the movie and book.

  • Write an informative speech in which you compare the book to the movie, highlighting the most important similarities and differences.You must pull evidence from both the movie and the book.


Click below for the rubric that will be used to grade the speech.


Exam Prep

Students have been preparing for the exam by watching the movie The Giver multiple times. They have also been given a chart for note-taking and questions to answer, all of which will help them develop their speeches. First and third block students have turned their notes and questions in to me at the end of class, but second block students have kept theirs since we have had limited amount of class time due to testing.

On Monday, May 16, students will write and revise their speeches.

On Day 1 of the exam, students will practice their speeches with partners, in groups, and in whole class. They will also revise speeches as needed.

On Day 2 of the exam, students will give their speeches to the whole class for an exam grade.

*****See below for grades that will be taken from the exam prep activities.

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Formative Grades Taken from Exam Prep Activities

  • note-taking chart (100-point completion grade) - due Monday, May 16 (at beginning of class)
  • questions (100-point completion grade) - due Monday, May 16 (at beginning of class)
  • written speech with revision (10-point completion grade) - due Monday, May 16
  • written speech (100-point grade) - due Exam Day 1
  • audience etiquette ( 2 10-point grades) - Exam Day 2

**Second block students and any other students who have taken or will take work home must remember to bring them to class on the due date. A zero will be entered until the work is turned in, and then -20 points will be deducted for being turned in late.