ShowMe Whiteboard App

Flyer by Breken Lach, Video by Jess Trandem

About ShowMe

ShowMe is a tutorial app, used to create presentations. In ShowMe, you can draw, add photos, graphics, and sound to project on your whiteboard for your students. Your presentations are saved to a database, where you can make your presentation public to share with other educators, or keep it just for your class by making it private. It's a great app with several features and would be very useful in the classroom!
Show Me Presentation

Watch the video above as Jess explains some of the main features in ShowMe!

Home Screen

On the home screen, you'll find the presentations you've created, whether they're complete or listed as "in progress", a button to create a new ShowMe presentation, and an "Explore" button where you can browse presentations others have created and made public.
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Creating Your Presentation

The screen below is what you would see while working on a presentation. The main button in the center is to record. If you want your students to see what you're drawing as you're doing it, you would hit the record button before starting the presentation. You can tell when it's recording because there will be a timer at the bottom of the screen. To the right are colors you can use to draw. The basic colors are free, other color packages can be purchased. To the left is the small eraser to erase piece by piece. The photo button allows you to add a photo, take a photo, search for one on the web, or upload a photo from Google Drive. Note that when you add a photo, the recording will pause until the picture is loaded onto the screen. The left arrow button is to undo. The bulk eraser next to the record button will remove either the entire page or large sections, whichever you choose.
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Playback Screen

Finally, there is the playback screen that you use when showing your presentation. In the upper right corner it shows who created the presentation. Along the top it shows how far into the presentation you are and how much time remains, as well as the title and the tags which tell you what subjects the presentation is about. At the bottom you can pause, play, and adjust the volume. There is a button to the left of "play" to share the presentation online or on social media, and to the right of "play" is a like button to save a particular presentation for future reference or if you want to use it in your classroom.
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