Put An End To The Murders

Stop the Axis Powers for good!

The Start of the Natzi's

By the 1940's, Hitler started to create an anti-semitism against the Jews of Germany. Hitler had been saying to the people of Germany that the Jews were to blame for all of Germany's problems. And to that, that all of the Jews in Europe must be eliminated. When Hitler first became known in 1933, the Natzi government had established a series of anti-semitism laws against all Jews. These Laws were created to get rid of all Jews.


Hitler had come up with a new tatic of killing Jews since shooting them one-by-one wasn't being very succesful. One of his strategies was called the Genocide, these were mobile traveling killing units; about 33,000 Jews would be killed in two days. But this wasn't good enough for Hitler; he wanted better results. This is where he came up with the new idea of creating the Final Solution. The Final Solution was a new strategy where Hitler would create new tactics to kill the Jews; such as creating gas chambers. These chambers could hold several people in them, there would be gas pellets streaming down from the ceiling setting off the fumes that would kill the prisoners in 15 minutes.

Concentration Camps

Before there were just camps built in Germany, but then there were concentration camps being built everywhere around Europe. Jews were taken away from their homes and even captured off of the streets and were being sent away to these camps immediately. People at these camps received very little food with lack of nutrition and were forced into hard work labor. Since Adolf Hitler came up with the new Final Solution, extermination camps were being built instead, as well as the new gas chambers that were being put into the new camps. More and more people were being sent to the camps and many were being killed instantly. Other people that were kept alive most often children, were being used in medical experiments which often led to death.