pantoja.a13 5/6/2016


Thought the entire documentary the concept of anyone can do anything was heavily portrayed by the fact that they went to a poverty filled state and filmed a football team who have not been to the playoffs in nearly a decade who were inspired by their coach to reach higher than their current standing.

Purpose: One of the main purposes of the documentary Undefeated would have to be to show that even if you live in poverty when you strive to do better you can do anything. Another main purpose for the film was to show the hard ships that a good portion of the American population faces every day and that it can be overcome. When you never giving up and face your failures head on you as a person are undefeated.


Achieving the purpose: In my opinion the documentary did achieve its purpose by showing how even after all that happened with the team they were still able to astonish everybody around them. When money got injured some thought that it was the end of his career but he never gave up and did what he had to do to get back to the game. Thought the entire documentary character growth was heavily used, it was extremely visible when you compare the attitude of the players from the start to the end.


Conclusion: I’ve always been an avid believed that with enough motivation and hope you can achieve anything, this documentary just showed me more proof that anything is possible. This documentary gave me a new perspective on how what someone does and say can change the lives of so many. Overall I really enjoyed the documentary it showed me a new perspective from a different pair of eyes. Undefeated