Blame Friar Laurence

By: JT Noah

It is Friar Laurence’s fault because he’s the one that gave the potion to Juliet and didn’t tell Romeo and when Romeo found out that she died he killed himself. Then when Juliet awoken from her deep sleep and Romeo died she stabbed herself

Juliet is going to take a potion that Friar Laurence, but is nervous because she doesn't know what is going to happen. ”Hold, daughter: I do spy a kind of hope… Take thou this vial, being then in bed…. Farwell! God knows when we shall meet again…. My dismal scene I needs must act alone…. Romeo, I come! this do I drink thee.”Act: 4 Scene: 1 & 3 Friar Laurence gives a viral to Juliet which will make her act dead but the messanger didn't get the letter to Romeo because his horses needed water.

Friar Laurence told everybody what happened and why Romeo was near Juliet dead. “I married them; and their stol’n marriage-day Was Tybalt’s doom-day, whose untimely death…. And, with wild looks, bid me devise some mean To rid her from this second marriage Or in my cell there would she kill herself’ Then gave I her… A sleeping potion, which so took effect As I intended meantime I writ to Romeo…. But he which bore my letter, Friar John, Was stay’d by accident, and yesternight Return’d my letter back.”

Act: 5 Scene:3 Friar Laurence tells them what happened and what was suppose to happen. Like Romeo was suppose to get a letter about the plan but never did

whiskey lullaby

The song Whiskey lullaby a couple that had been dating for a while and then they brake up and the man can not get her off his mind. So one night he's trying to drink his memories away and can't so he takes out his gun and kills himself. When the girl finds out he killed himself she thanks it's her fault and thinks they should have stayed together, and years and years go on and she still has her mind on him so one night she takes out her gun and kills herself. 0:48-3:08 is the lines that best describe to Romeo and Juliet.
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This poem shows some stuff about Romeo and Juliet. Like how they died a hard life and they kissed. I did not write this poem. It just shows the love and affection they had for each other. It was truly a sad story for me and others to read and watch