Michael Jordan


In this article I will be showing you Michael Jordan's perseverance in life and what he did before he became a very famous and well-known athlete. You will find some very little obstacles Michael has gone through but he was able to persevere through them. You will also be learning about how him and another person are alike.

After Jordan's father was murdered by two men during a robbery attempt Jordan had to muster up all his stress and sadness and accomplish new things after he retired from basketball. Jordan decided to pursue baseball on the Chicago White Sox minor league team, the Birmingham Barons, and played as an outfielder for a year but eventually quit baseball. After his baseball career ended he decided to start a movie/film. He was in the film Space Jam in 1996 which was mixed with live action and animation which paired Jordan with cartoon legends like Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck!

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There are many problems Jordan has faced throughout his life time. The broken foot he had sidelined him for 64 games during the 1985-86 season but he returned in rare form. Unfortunately in 1993 Michael’s dad had been murdered during a robbery attempt which left Jordan very upset and stressed. He decided to retire basketball after the death of his father and continue on with another sport but he couldn't resist playing basketball so he came back and did the job that needed to be done. In 2006 Michael and his wife, Juanita Vanoy, had some personal changes that ended in a result of them divorcing. After the divorce Michael persevered through everything and was still there for his children when they needed help and therefore there sports games.

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Michael Jordan has had many successes in life but I thought of only a few that to me were important. Michael was told he would never make it and he wasn’t inadequate but Michael was offered a scholarship to the University of North Carolina and he accepted it and soon became a well-known member of North Carolina. During his junior year of college he joined the NBA and led the Chicago Bulls to the Six National Basketball Association (NBA) Championships. Michael Jordan was named Rookie of the Year when he played for the NBA. Also in 1997 Jordan was named the highest paid athlete. This all leads to success.

Michael Jordan is a very well-known and famous athlete with over millions of fans after everything he has done in the NBA! Michael Jordan had some ups and downs but ended up getting through them!