Land der berge,Land am strome

Austria's History:

Austria joined the European Union in 1995,and is still with it. At one point in time Austria was apart of the Hungarian Empire. Austria's flag has been a national flag since 1918. Before Austria' s current currency(The Euro) it was the Chilling. Many famous people have lived in Austria including Mozart. Austria's government right now is federal

Austria's Geographical Features

Austria's capital is vienna and it's population is a little over 2million. Austria's longest river is the Denube river. Austria's largest lake is the Neusiedler Lake. Austria is between Hungary,Germany,and Italy,also Austria is mountainous.

Austria's Tourism

People would visit Austria because of famous paintings,beautiful mountains and rivers, people also like to watch orchestras and famous bands,and people like going to Austria to see paintings and to find history about Mozart.