Bighearted, Bubbly, Blonde!

A brief look into the life of Kristen McNew!


My name is Kristen McNew and I am originally from Clarksville, IN. Clarksville is a really small town right outside of Louisville, KY. Growing up, I had a large back yard and plenty of space to roam and grow up outdoors! I attended a very small high school where I graduated with 87 students! Coming to IUPUI was a huge life change but since I made that change, I have had so many great life experiences! I am now a Sophomore at IUPUI in the School of Education. I work at a preschool on campus and I am active in Greek life! I absolutely love my job and look forward to going there everyday! Please feel free to continue reading to learn more about me!


My family means so much to me and I would not be who I am today without their love and support! My mom is easily my best friend and I know that she will always be there if I am ever in need. My family is loving, passionate, and the best thing a girl could ask for!

My Info

Originally from Clarksville, IN but currently reside in Indianapolis, IN.