Inequalities In the Real World

Jaron Menzimer

Summer Vacation

  1. Ethan has $500 in his savings account at the beginning of summer. He wants at least $200 in his account by the end of summer. He takes out $25 each week for food, movie tickets, and some spending cash. Write an inequality to represent his situation. How many weeks can Ethan withdraw money from his account?
  2. The taxi that Elli wants to take to the movies charges a flat rate of $1.75 in addition to $0.65 per mile. She has no more than $10 to spend on her ride. Write an inequality to represent Elli's situation. How many miles can she go without exeeding her limit?
  3. At iHop on a late night on their vacation, James and his 3 friends, Amber, Jonathan, and Owen decide to divide the bill evenly. If each person's part exceeded $13.00, what is the total bill?
  4. Elizibeth buys 4 new summer shirts for under $90. What is the price ranger for each shirt?
  5. Some of your friends' bike speeds are between 5 to 6 meters per second. They decide to do a 3000m race. What is the shortest time?
  6. Shawn is buying notebooks for the beginning of school that are between $2 and $5. He plans to spend $10 on them. What is the least number of notebooks he can buy?