GMAS: Varying Assessment

Short Constructed Response, Learning Scales & Resources

Learning Outcomes:

-Gain deeper insight on how assessment can be used to promote student growth

-Enhance ability in creating and evaluating text dependent/constructed response questions

-Learn strategies for teaching students how to respond and self-assess using scales

-Expand portfolio of resource tools to transition students for authentic assessment

Agenda & Topics: Tuesday, December 9

I. GMAS: Resources and Overview^

II. Short Constructed Response & Text Dependent Questioning*

III. Using Marzano Scales & GMAS Rubrics for Evaluation*

IV. Re-teaching and Remediation Strategies for Student Growth

V. Adjournment: Next Steps and Evaluation of PD

^Differentiated for non-core content teachers

*Differentiated for ELA and mathematics

Note to Participants:

I look forward to working with you Tuesday, December 9 at Northwestern MS. In order for this PD experience to be more meaningful, I am requesting that you bring ancillary and curriculum support materials for your upcoming unit of study (standards, informational texts and primary sources). We will engage in instructional planning and assessment building so bring your laptop or device as well.

Contact me if you have questions or suggestions. I welcome your feedback.

LaKenji Hastings, Ed.S.

Program Specialist, Assessment