Wedding Photographer

Capturing that special day is just a click away!

Job Description

Wedding photographers work with couples to capture those special moments on their wedding day, which only happens once (hopefully). A photograph can help them remember that wonderful experience of the time they married the person they loved. Wedding photographers work before, during, and after wedding festivities. On the day of the wedding photographers must capture high quality photographs. Wedding photographers need to be responsible for composing the shots and developing the photos like the customer asked. This field is competitive which requires to be creative and tech savvy, the more experience you have the more your career will grow.
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Job Requirements

In order to be become a wedding photographer there are certain requirements that follow. When it comes to educational requirements there are Associate's degree, Bachelor's degree, and even Master's degree which gives photographers more experience and skills to apply different techniques in customers' photographs. Although not much educational experience is necessary, it is still useful to have some experience. When it comes to equipment requirements wedding photographers must have all their photography equipment, which includes cameras, lenses, mounts, specialized lighting apparatus, and editing software. Photo editing is a must which previous formal education is beneficial.

Job Characteristics

Pay Ranges

The highest pay range for a wedding photographer is $45k. The average pay range is $36,300. The lowest pay range is $18,000.
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