Walter Dean Myers

"Basketball is my thing. I can hoop. Case closed. I'm six four and I got the moves, the eye, and the heart. You can take my game to the bank and wait around for interest...but without the ball, without the floorboards under my feet, without the mid-court line that takes me halfway home, you can get to me."

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For Greg "Slam" Harris, basketball is way more than just a game. When he's on the court, he's home. He's got the skill to take him to the top, and it seems like there's nothing to stop him from getting there. Despite Greg's success on the court, he faces many troubles with grades, his family, and just trying to be a normal teenager. Getting on the court doesn't solve all his problems, though. Slam's got a temper that will set off in a split second, and if he really wants to become great, he's going to have to learn how to control it. Greg faces many obstacles during his high school years and he learns quickly that choices he makes will effect the type of person he's going to become.

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Author Walter Dean Myers: 'Reading Is Not Optional' for Kids

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"Heart-thumping hoop action in a novel that, like most good sports stories, is about more than just sports." -Publishers Weekly

"Open to any page, and let Myers' skill with words pull you into the story." -VOYA

"Myers brilliantly captures the pace and feel of inner city life as he climbs into the shoes of an angry, confused young man watching his friends making right or wrong turns, and wondering about his own direction." -Kirkus Reviews

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