From One Parent to Another

Things I learned my first year involved...... Margy BK

Parents -- The day of competition

* Drop kids off to load trailer at 7 am. ALL kids help with this. It is amazing how fast it can go, but how slow it is if not everyone is there.

* It is great to have SJJ gear on if you have it! As you look around, you will see that many teams have "team" clothing in the stand. I believe we might have fan items available, for purchase, before long.

* Parent Meeting @ 7:30 am. Last year I found this meeting very helpful. Mr. Martin explained the day and the type of things we could do to be helpful and the ins and outs of the competition.

* Parents travel to Marion Harding, on their own. The kids will be on the bus, parents often carpool but many drive separately based on their own family schedules. (I usually go for the whole day. I love to watch the development of the groups throughout the year.) A caravan is fun!

* Ticket cost is $9 a person. (under 4 years of age free) They collect all day! You get a band to wear on your wrist and you will need to put this on to go in and out of the gym.

* Programs often cost an additional dollar or two.

* Shout-outs-- Last year, you could purchase "shout outs" for a couple of dollars. A shout out is something encouraging that is said over the announcements. Something like "Go SJJ", "SJJ is unstoppable", "Go Matthew", etc. Last year, the shout-outs were before performances at the beginning of the year and after at the end of the season.

* Concessions are sold at the event. It is my understanding that this is the money that the school makes, so if you bring your own food or drinks, do so quietly and consider purchasing something from the school.

* This week, only our Drumline will be competing, although Guard is attending as well. They are scheduled to compete at around 2:30 pm. You will want to not cut it too close to competition time because this can change based on unforeseeable issues. Some teams travel a great distance and hit traffic or bad weather.

Definitions you might find interesting (terms I never knew before)

I found this list of terms online and I thought you might find them useful.

* Auxiliaries: another term for Color Guards. In the winter season of OIPA they are

referred to as Winter Guard.

* Battery: the group of percussionists who play a variety of marching percussion

instruments (drums, cymbals). They are known for their ability to do the “crab-step”,

a step-over sideways marching step.

* The Pit: also known as the Frontline or Front Ensemble. It consists of stationary

percussion instruments such as the marimba, vibraphone, bells, xylophone,

electronic timpani, cymbals, and chimes.

* Drumline: consists of the Battery and the Pit.

* Quads: a set of multiple tenor drums worn by percussionists in the drumline.