Shed Some Light

Adobe Illustrator and Laser Engraver


-Create a light fixture using techniques learned in this class

I created a lampshade that has a hexagonal shape and features music notes around it. My product was designed in Adobe Illustrator, cut from wood on a laser engraver, and then glued together.

Caption: Final Product


This product would be desirable to consumers who have an interest in music. The product displays a strong musical theme and has a purpose of being used as a light fixture cover. Possible consumers would be those who have a passion for music whether its listening to or making music.


I'm very proud of the quality that this project turned out to be. After having to restart the project half way through and come up with a new design I think that this project was well put together. I learned to more proficient in both Autodesk Inventor and Adobe Illustrator.

Price: $2.85


One obstacle I ran in to was with my original design. I had originally created my structure in Autodesk Inventor but them realized that it wasn't possibly to make with the machines and software available. I ended up having to redesign my idea in Illustrator to get my desired product.

Caption: Original Idea