TPG Newsletter

Issue 03| April 2014

Product Focus: 2014 Spring New Introduction

Hope you are enjoying this beautiful Spring.

We have introduced many exciting new products this year so far!

In February, Bolon introduced Silence collection, followed by Mat's Inc's PURline. Avant also introduced 4 new designs this year so far!!! In this issue, I would like to go over these new introductions so that I can make sure no one is left behind on our latest and greatest.

Silence Collection by BOLON

Contrary to what Bolon has been known for, which is bold and stiriking design and colors, this new collection was inspired by the calm, tranquil beauty of the forests, lakes and wide skies of their Swedish homeland. The result is equally as exciting as Bolon's previous work but in a very subtle way. This launch also features a creative collaboration of a different, yet equally exciting kind - with acclaimed choreographer Alexander Ekman. Check out his short film "The Contradiction of Silence", a playful piece of art, filled with energy, joy and beauty, which sits at the conceptual centre of the Silence collection's launch.

PURline by Mat's Inc.

Produced with 90% rapidly renewable and natural raw materilas, PURline is GreenGuard Gold certified and will not negatively impact indoor air quality, enery consumption or facilities costs. Purline is the only flooring that can accomodate the extreme demands of healthcare and public buildings, produced from natural ingredients, and does not require any finishing, waxing, buffing or stripping. Click here to learn more about this exciting line.

Mod'n and Ouver View by Avant Contract

Mod'n - Why box yourself in when there are so many more interesting possibilities? With Mod'n, it's never too late to try new paths and explore new thoughts. Structured, but organic. Plenty of room for your own conclusions, with nary a deadend in sight.

Ouver View - Cities grow by their own rules. Rigid grid designs break as neighbohood spills into neighbohood or a side street widens to become a boulevard. Ouver View celebrates the unexpected turns and surprises a city reveals, seen from above.

Strut and Stroll designs by Avant Contract

Strut - Props to those who put it out there every day. Fearless. Focused. Building a life with confidence. That's life on the boardwalk, where the time-honored influence of patina'd wood meets an appetite for design.

Stroll - How do you jostle expectations and make way for something new? Perhaps simple shift of proportions will do. Forexample, the classic look of a patina'd wood boardwalk, re-imagined on a small scale.

Sneak Peek! - Neo broadloom design by Avant Contract

We all love Neo tiles with their beautiful strie design in amazing colors. Well, Neo is going to be available in broadloom and an "Artisan" featured for Neo broadloom is Jeffry Lilienthal from Fremont, CA. The first local artisan to be featured to San Francisco Bay Area! Check out the video below!
Jeffry Lilienthal, Musician