Why lean Portuguese

1º ano: ensino médio

why learn Portuguese

The world is full of languages and the Portuguese is one of them.learn Portuguese will give a good advantage in the labor market

travel to the world

with the Portuguese will make you travel tho the others countries , discover others cultures, make friends,etc

get a better job

with the Portuguese will make you get a better job, any better salary,etc,and will make you more knowledge

get a good teacher

get a good teaches is very important why you wiil learn better,and will save time for learn other peoples,and invite other peoples to travel and lern this important language

connect with the world

learning the portuguese,you wiil talk with other people, and make friends,and will get connect with the world with social networks

improvise your chances for success

the portuguese wiil improvise your chances for success in the labor or in the school or in your career

don,t waste time

don,t waste your time,learn the portuguese now,it sure will help you in your life,and in your career


João Vitor T Bosso


Leonardo Alonso Marin


Ramon ignácio Moretto da Silva