Karisa's poem

Ode, yesterday,today,and tomorrow poems

Ode to rain

Splish, splash

Rain is wet and fun

On our slip and slide I like to run

If it is cold

Then I must be bold

Many kids in my neighborhood play

We play until the end of the day

Or as long as we are allowed

In the rain we are mad lions roaring insanely loud

Rain is fun and wet

But in the end our mothers fret

The rain has ended and stopped our play

But now the sun is out just like us for the rest of the day

Yesterday,today, and tomorrow poem

Yesterday is gone but today it still lingers.

Choices were made that today I must stand by.

One choice is still on a reacting course falling like dominoes.

I wish to live in the moment to live in the moment today,

But the past won't leave me alone.

Today will become the past,

And tomorrow will become today and eventually the past.

One thing I know about tomorrow is,

It will be affected by today.

And yesterday will always be there

And never forgotten

Thanksgiving alliteration

Burning biscuits

Pumpkin pie is probably gone

Moshy, mashed potatoes are to mashed

And exploding turkeys

All...because of Karisa'S cooking