Computer Hardware

Sophie Bien Nowakowski

Hard Drive and SSD

Hard Drive and SSD devices stores and saves all the information and things that you have on your computer

The Hard Drive is a thick sort of rectangle, it is used in the less modern laptops. If you drop the Hard Drive it will get damaged, it is also less expensive than a SSD.

SSD is a small card, it is thinner and smaller than a Hard Drive. It is used in the more modern laptops e.g. MacBook air. If you drop the SSD it will not get dammaged, it might, but highly unlikely.

Optical Drive

The Optical Drive is used to play Optical Discs e.g DVD's, CD,s and Blu-Ray. It can play

music,movies and games. At first the Optical Drive was a very thick box, but over the years the Optical drive got thinner so it can fit into thinner laptops, but the Macbook air is to thin for the Optical Drive so the macbook uses the intenet instead of the Optical drive


Monitor's have improved. It started from box computers that are big and huge, and television's were also like a box, now Moniter's have gone thinner, bigger and better quality, e.g. Macbook air. The screen have improved and the sensitivity of the screens have improved as well. Telephones used to be big, thick and heavy, now they are thin and light with touch screens and a camera.


CPU stands for Central Processing Unit. CPU can download things from memory. Its is used in computers and smartphones. It is measured in GHz. CPU is also known as a Processor. CPU can do many things at a time e.g. a Quad Processor can download four things at a time


RAM stands for Random Access Memory. It is the main memory of the computer. RAM lets you have different applications in one go. RAM is faster then a Hard Disk. If you add more memory to the RAM, the CPU will not have to work as much as it used to and it will be faster.


A motherboard is the main circuit, it holds CPU, Memory, Hard Drives, Optical Drives, Video card, Sound card and other things. the Motherbard is attached to anything in the computer. It is one of the major functions