Show What You Know

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Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, and MAKING!

Today we are talking about some digital presentation options that get students excited to show what they've learned. This flyer was made using S'More, which has all sorts of cool tools.

Getting Started:

TouchCast Introduction

Introducing TouchCast

Start with... a green screen video!

Groups 1 & 2

Let's make a green screen video!

Create a set with a newsroom, tc background, or a photo from your iPad.

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Groups 3 & 4

No green screen needed - work on using Vapps and/or Annotating. "Vapps" are video apps that can be inserted in your touchcast. Vapps are live and interactive. Click here for a tutorial.

TouchCast Editor

The editor screen allows you to do everything necessary to make your video pretty. Trim, rearrange, add transitions and more.
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