The cherokee tribe

The cherokee still live in the Mountains



They kill bears with bow an arrows for there meat.They ate cornbread and berries food when they were really hungry.They made cane traps to catch trout fish.


They used bear fur and skin to make there clothing.They used buckskin to make women boots.Snakeskin was used to make belts.Roots and maple bark to make dyes. mulllberry barke was used to make fabric. Dear, panther,otter, bear, beaver fashioned clothing.


They used bark and wood to make rectangle houses.There summer homes were made out of logs .Dry cane was used to make walls.Grass and clay to make winter homes.


Deer bladders were used to make pouches.They used turtle shells to make rattles.Seeds were used to decorate bags.Medicine was made out of wild plants.bear parts were used for fertalizer .