the strange case of origami yoda

by Tom Angleberger

plot,setting,theme,point of veiw, and characters

The plot is a kid named Dwight makes a origami Yoda that gives advise and a kid named Tommy who is friends with him wonder if it is the force or something magical or just dumb luck. So he makes the case file for his investigation.It is in first person view. Setting is McQuarrie Middle School. the main characters are Dwight, origami Yoda, Tommy,Principal Rabbski,Kellen, and Harvey.The theme is that you should always trust someone even if they are completely random

exposition,and rising action

It starts at McQuarrie middle school in the library with Tommy, Harvey, Dwight, and origami Yoda.Tommy was thinking of how he is going to find out if origami Yoda is real well his advise.Tommy then goes and asked everybody how origami Yoda helped them and gets a strong case file for he to believe in origami Yoda

exposition, and falling action

Just as Tommy had finally had lots of evidence to prove origami advise is true all the time in a way Harvey comes to school with a origami Yoda that gives bad advise ( that is believed by Yoda to be the Dark side) and him and Dwight get in a fight and Yoda falls in to trash on some baked beans and Dwight doesn't know how to fix or remake him. But a couple of day later before the school dance Dwight come and has a origami Yoda and before anything else happens Tommy asked the question if Sara likes him (Harvey laughs and try to give he bad advise but Tommy doesn't listen)origami Yoda says "Wrong Harvey is like you a lot she does much very. Harvey say that is a lie and his is better but Dwight say that his is a lot better so Kellen decides that who ever is right about Sara and Tommy. To find out what happens go to your local library and check it out.

Dialog between Tommy and Dwight

I walk over and sit down" hi Dwight".




"okay so anything new to day"?


"Why do you keep saying purple"?!


What ever it a you thing a guess.

" Purple".

"okay dude why are you saying purple".

he shrugs and says" because today is just a purple day"

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