Cecilie Carbajal, Jennifer Berumen, Danilo Anoos


Some of the accomplishments that Xerxes has done were:

-Being a new king he, quickly suppressed the revolt in Egypt in a single campaign in 485 BCE

-He broke with the policy followed by Cyrus the Great and Darius of ruling foreign lands with a fairly light hand and, in a manner compatible with local traditions, ruthlessly ignored Egyptian forms of rule and imposed his will on the rebellious province in a thoroughly Persian Style.

-Lost the Battle of Salamis

The Role he played

Xerxes was a powerful king who ruled The Achaemenid Empire from 486-465 BCE

Most famous for

Xeres is most famous for having an massive attack on Greece from hellespont, witch is just a narrow passage by the seas.

Was he a good leader?

As a group we decided that although he may have done some good things and he also did many bad. An example of how he was bad is that he lead an invasion to Greece and it killed many men. Another thing he did was break a policy which Cyrus the great and Darius Followed.