How to Update Dental Insurance

A guide to updating any dental patient's insurance coverage


Everyday, many people are looking to improve their oral health by visiting dental offices such as Century City Dental. In order to receive the best service, insurance plans are often used to cover the costs of varying amounts of work being done. Accordingly, each patient's insurance information must be updated every 2 years to ensure the best quality service.


Getting a Dental Breakdown

When a patient is to come in to the office, we check their charts for an insurance sheet which includes all of their coverage information. If the date on the sheet is over 2 years old, we use the computer system to find the patients dental information such as their company, policy number, and ID number, which we then use to get a dental breakdown (breakdown of coverage information.)

1 - Firstly, we call the company and give the patients information

2 - We ask for a dental breakdown

3 - The service representative will list the various coverage details

4 - We copy the information onto a new insurance sheet

5 - We staple the new information onto the patient's chart and photocopy extras to update the insurance of the patient's family members

6 - The patient's insurance is updated and they are now ready for their appointment :)