Cattail Family

What does the Cattail look like?

The Cattails flowers are dark brown, with some yellow.The flower head is to small to see. The flower type is called bristles. The flowers look like a sausage. The flower arrangement looks like a rock wall. The leaves are as spiky as a sword, but smooth. The Cattail can grow from 2-10 feet tall.

Where and When does it Bloom?

This plant blooms May-July, and lives everywhere in North America. The Cattail lives in lakes, ponds, marshes ditches, and rivers.

Wow Facts

  • The Cattail has been growing since the age of the dinosaurs.
  • The red-winged black bird roosts on patches of Cattails.
  • Cattails are not poisinous.
  • People use Cattails leaves to make baskets.

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