Super villains

3 of my favourite super villains

The joker

The joker is by far the best super villain for me. He is very smart, makes all sorts of random gadgets, has a weird humour and is very muniplitive.

Dr evil

Dr evil is from the Austin powers franchise he has a funny spence of humour and is always trying to take other the world, get money and kill Austin powers.

Dr doom

Dr doom is from the fantastic 4 series. He came to an unknown planet with some friends but the planet was very deadly his thought he was dead and retreated but he wasn't. That is were the fantastic 4 got there super powers. Dr doom came back to take other the world.


TYGA has always it rung to have a chance of getting revenge on the dangerous wild deer army and the raging killer boar. He has been trying to get revenge on them because the robbed there house, killed tygas family and scard his for life. Since that day TYGA has sweated to kill all the superheroes and super villains. One night TYGA was looking for the crew when he saw a flying person, it was ironman