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Working on some fundraising ideas for the United Way since we haven't "showed up" in the past years. Everything will take place on Thursday.



Music Therapy


Thursday: Hotdog BBQ and United Way Fundraiser


Upcoming Dates:

11/6: BIST in PM

11/7: Diversity Festival at LN 6:00-8:00 (Family Event)

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Week of Nov. 4 SEL Lesson

Lesson 10: Thinking Your Way to Self-Control (the way we use our mind and thoughts to help handle our strong emotions in a + way)

  1. Circle: Have each student say a feeling (no repeating). Make sure they are feelings (disappointment) and not actions/reactions ( I feel like hitting someone). Label the feelings as +, -, neutral, or ambiguous.

  2. Skill introduction: Thinking your way to self-control

    1. Discussion

      1. In stressful/emotional situations, breathing is the first step.

      2. Next, begin thinking clearly about what they felt or experienced. Name the emotion, rank the response 1-100, then identify what an appropriate response (1-100) should’ve been. Use the Scale of Bad as a guide to talk through the event. Share an example with the kids.

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