Communication Smore

By: Thierry Bueno

What does Communication mean?

Communication is the conveying information so messages are received and understood.

What is Verbal and Non Verbal Communication?

Verbal: Verbal Communication is the involvement of words like in a conversation, or on a soccer field, or even playing a bored game with friends.

Nonverbal: Nonverbal Communication involves sending messages without using words such as body language, the way someone dresses, or the way someone acts.

What type of Slang words are there?

What is an "I" message and a "You" message?

"I Message"

An I message is when you take ownership of you're feelings. You tell people what you feel instead of criticizing the other person or people. An example would be "When I think you are ignoring me, I feel hurt."

"You Message"

A you message is when you accuse some for something that they might have done or might have not done. For example "You embarrass me when you tell your so called funny stories about me to my friends."

Which is better to use?

An I message would be better to use than a You Message because with if you use a you message then you will come out hostile and it can start a fight with your friend. But if you use an I message you can explain your feeling without coming hostile and you can explain yourself more thouroughly.

8 tips for better communication

Some tips for better communication are....

1. Know Thyself

2. Keep issues in perspective

3. Treat others the way you want to be treated

4. Respond instead of reacting

5. Let others have an opinion

6. Check yourself before you speak

7. Talk less and listen more

8. Be positive

8 tips to manage conflict

Some tips to help manage conflict are....

1. Learn to Negotiate

2. Talk it out

3. State the Problem

4. List Possible Solutions

5. Evaluate Each Possible Solution

6. Pick the best Solution

7. Carry out the Solution

8. Evaluate the Results


What is Netiquette?

Netiquette is the correct or acceptable way of communicating on the Internet or social media app.

Some tips for Netiquette are....

1. Say only what you would say to a person in real life

2. Don't use rude or innapropriate words

3. Be clear in your subject and your message

4. Be clear in your subject and your message

5. Check your spelling

6. Don't type in all caps it will make it look like your shouting

7. Use smilies so people will not take messages the wrong way ;)

8. Cool off before responding to messages in anger

9. Tell an adult if someone upsets you

10. Remember anything you send or post only can be copied pasted and sent to other people so ultimately be careful.

The importance of Body Language Video

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