Staff Weekly

Published: March 17th

Big picture

DO NOT put these kids on the same team/same class next year form. Complete this, please.


This week is an hour.

Topic: Making Kickboard Work FOR us.


1. Read FOCUS pp. 53 to 62. Highlight or identify one idea on each page that you find compelling.

2. Update your curriculum snapshot. We will be looking at:

  • How our targets are written as compared to p. 58
  • How we are assessing our targets
  • If our targets match the depth of the standard

3. Bring your assessment of a learning target.

focus book study plan

  • March 29: Discuss pp. 63-71
  • April 5: Discuss pp. 72-87
  • April 26: Discuss pp. 87-99
  • May 3: Discuss pp. 100-112

During May

  • Core leaders set up a one hour vertical meeting time after school with Stacie and Erika. We will discuss your chapter in Section 2 and talk about establishing some non-negotiable teaching practices for Bally.
  • Read your assigned chapter before your hour long meeting.

ELA, Sped, and UA: Read pp. 115-162

Social Studies: Read pp. 163-200

Science: Read pp. 201-238

Math: Read pp. 239-274



  • Hour long faculty meeting after school in the media center. The focus will be on Kickboard and how to adjust it for next year to best meet our needs. Come thinking about these questions: 1. What is working now? 2. What is not working now? 3. How could we change what's not working and make it better?
  • Erika and Stacie in Louisville at training
  • Someone take Ella and Youssef to Longbranch for Leadership Day. 10:30ish (Crissy or Jill)


  • Erika and Stacie in Louisville at training.
  • 7th ELA...decide on a day to have a work day and connect with Stacie
  • FOOD TRUCK DAY--Belle's Smokin Barbeque. All things can be made veggie.


  • Faculty Mindfulness in the AM
  • Erika at Middle Level meeting in morning--Fay I'm moving you since I'll be out of the building but if it doesn't work...let me know.
  • Pidgeon at 10:30
  • Parent meeting at 1
  • Frey at 1:30


  • Earsing at 7:45
  • Incoming 6th graders event at 9:30am
  • 8th grade promotion team lunch at 11:15am
  • Wood and Kuhse at 1:30
  • Sped Team Meeting after school
  • New student and 6th grade parent info night at 6:30


  • Data meetings--Start How to Learn and look at assessment of learning targets
  • Faculty mindfulness before school
  • Final dance of the year is tonight
  • Model UN to state competition