Signs, causes, diagnosis, and treatments for those 1 in 68 who have autism.


Children that have autism often are anti-social, show no emotion, and ignore noises. Lack of verbal communication and facial expression are very common signs of autism. Another sign is reoccurring seizures.


Autism is a disorder that is caused by a deletion of the SH2B1 gene on the chromosome 16p11.2. This can be caused by the mother being sick during pregnancy or by exposure to certain substances such as lead, mercury, and pesticides.


To diagnose autism, the child be physically examined using M-CHAT checklist. The M-CHAT checklist is a list with common autism symptoms that the doctor will check the child for. Some patients may be tested using the FISH genetic testing. The FISH (fluorescent in situ hybridization) test is DNA test that searches form gene abnormalities.


There is no cure for autism, but genetic therapy research is in progress to help people of all ages with autism. Depending on the severity of the case, speech and physical therapy may improve symptoms.

Other Disorders Associated With Autism

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