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Complex Dental Issues

SouthEnd Dentistry - Distinction in the Community

The staff at SouthEnd Dentistry, headed by Dr. Bradford Picot, is committed to the overall dental health of their community in Charlotte, North Carolina. Dr. Picot himself is known throughout the community for his outreach, from volunteering on dental hygiene education boards to educating kids about the importance of keeping their teeth and gums healthy, to donating time and money to the local chapter of the American Heart Association.

Dr. Picot’s staff is known throughout their local community for being uncommonly welcoming, working in an office that was designed put all patients at ease and keep them away from the typical fears associated with the dentist’s office.

All employees of SouthEnd Dentistry, located in in the historic South End district of Charlotte, minutes from Uptown, adhere to the same philosophy: that dental work, when it’s finished, shouldn’t look like dental work. When patients leave SouthEnd after a major procedure, they walk away knowing their smile looks as natural as if they were born with the resulting beautiful results of the treatment plan designed by the experts at SouthEnd.

The staff includes many highly trained specialists with years of experience in dental hygiene and surgery who contribute to all treatment plans for all patients. Dr. Picot leads his team with years of training, education, and experience guiding all of his decisions, as well as a never-ending commitment to what he calls conservative dentistry, which emphasizes noninvasive treatments and low-cost options. After years of its employees giving back to the community, SouthEnd Dentistry has become the dentist’s office of choice for many of the area’s residents around Charlotte.

SouthEnd Dentistry - A Light Touch

SouthEnd Dentistry is a dentist’s office people can’t wait to get back to. Helping people care about their dental hygiene is difficult, for adults and children, but SouthEnd makes patients want to come back to continue their dental treatment because of the staff’s friendly, relaxed attitude, the excellent dental work performed by Dr. Bradford Picot, and the office’s laid-back design.

Dr. Bradford Picot opened SouthEnd Dentistry in 2009 to change the way dentists are thought of in Charlotte. Dr. Picot had lived in North Carolina for years before he opened his own practice in Charlotte, North Carolina. He attended the University of North Carolina to earn his undergraduate degree, and stayed in Chapel Hill to earn his Doctorate of Dental Surgery. After a brief stint in Columbia, South Carolina to complete his general practice residency, Dr. Picot came back to North Carolina to open SouthEnd. Dr. Picot wanted to change the perception of his profession by using a light touch on his patients. He believes that the best way to make sure that his dental work will last is by preserving as much tooth structure as possible. When filling cavities or fixing issues associated with tooth decay, Dr. Picot tries to preserve as much of the natural structure of each tooth as possible. This practice stabilizes the dental work and preserves the patient’s smile.

Dr. Picot helped design the SouthEnd Dentistry office himself. With the help of an architect, he found a way to create an atmosphere of calm and friendliness for his patients. Dr. Pico is aware of the anxiety that people have when they visit the dentist’s office, so wanted every aspect of his practice to ease his patient’s stress as much as possible.

SouthEnd Dentistry - Excellent Choice in Dentistry

SouthEnd Dentistry was opened by Dr. Bradford Picot in 2009. Since then, it has served the community of Charlotte faithfully with an aura of ease, accessibility, and conservative dentistry. Conservative dentistry is what Dr. Picot calls his way of treating patients. A central pillar of this philosophy is the preservation of tooth structure whenever possible. Dr. Picot designs his restorations of teeth to preserve each patient’s natural smile as much as possible. This noninvasive and naturalistic approach to dentistry, in general, has been embraced by all of the staff at SouthEnd Dentistry. From the top down, everyone at SouthEnd tries to preserve and add to their patients’ smiles, rather than construct a new one.

SouthEnd Dentistry helps people with cosmetic dental surgery and all other dental services by keeping all of their patients in the loop every step of the way. When Dr. Picot and his staff develop their individualized treatment plans for their patients, they consult with the patients themselves to get their take on the actions being taken. Dr. Picot believes that all patients should be fully aware of their treatment options and have a say in the future of their dental hygiene. Part of this arrangement between patient and dentist is a responsibility of the patient to take care of their teeth and gums. The staff at SouthEnd keeps their patients informed and ready to prevent future dental issues with excellent home care. SouthEnd Dentistry also makes sure that the community as a whole enjoys better dental hygiene. Staff members and Dr. Picot himself often volunteer in the community at schools and community centers, raising awareness of proper dental hygiene.