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Meadow Lane Bengals Weekly Update: December 1st

MLE Office Hours 8:30-4:30

Life @ the Lane

We are happy to announce that our MLE 's PTA will be planning two winter-themed events for our students and staff. Save the dates (more information to come)!!

Thursday, December 16th Schoolwide PJ Day and Polar Express Bus

  • Students are invited to wear their pajamas to school, just remember to dress warmly.
  • A "polar express" bus filled with teachers & staff will travel to our MLE neighborhoods in the evening to deliver packages of hot chocolate and cookies.
  • We will have specific times and a map of our route coming soon (6-7:30PM).

Friday, December 17th Dress to Impress with a Festive Lunch in Cafe

  • Students are invited to wear fancy attire.
  • Our cafe will be decorated for winter and we'll have a special musical guest.

Always rooting for our MLE Bengals,

Dr. J & Mr. Fritz

Outdoor Recess

Just a reminder to bundle up on those blustery days. Students head outside twice a day for recess as long as the actual temperature and wind chill is above 20 degrees. Label coats, jackets, hats, etc in case they are misplaced.

Need assistance with outerwear, give us a call.

Sharing Praise

Looking for a way to share a Meadow Lane SHOUT OUT? Use this link to celebrate and appreciate our #MLEProud teachers and staff. Make a conscious effort to notice when someone is doing good work and let them know you are proud of their contributions to our school. We will share your praise with our team each week.

MLE's Mic Drop Moments

Title 1A Parents Right to Know

Meadow Lane Elementary is a Title 1A School.

Dates & Reminders

Every Minute Counts

MLE's school hours are 9:10-4:10 and our teachers definitely take full advantage of every precious minute students are in the classroom. We understand there are times when a student needs to leave early or arrive late, but we ask that you do your best to schedule appointments outside of school hours.

Friday, December 3rd

  • One hour late start (10:10)

Upcoming Dates

December 10th Late Start

December 16th Schoolwide PJ Day

December 16th MLE & PTA Winter Evening Event: Polar Express Bus

December 17th Dress to Impress (fancy attire) Day

December 17th Late Start

December 22nd Winter Break Begins

January 3rd Students Return