Ms. Ryan's Report

Here's what's happening in my classes...

Language Arts

Jan 4 - We are completing a narrative that we started before the holiday break where we are imagining being one of 4 memorable people that we read about. Each student picked a small moment in the life of that person and described their thoughts and feelings. After we finalize those narratives, we will begin the next unit called "Taking a Stand". We will read various non-fiction texts that show how the character stood up to a problem and took action. In addition, we will be analyzing infographics that show specific information about a topic in a graphic format. It is a hope that we will be able to create our own graphic based on a researched topic.


Jan 4 - We will begin the unit called "Too Hot to Handle" that focuses on using the scientific method to solve problems. In particular, we will research heat transfer and look an experiment that solves the problem of how the material of a spoon affects the heat transfer of hot water. Students will be given a new student data booklet that will eventually have all the parts used to create a STEM project. More information will be given about an upcoming project in a couple of weeks that will be completed in the 3rd term.